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About DDCM

The firm was founded in 2007 by the partners coming together to create a viable alternative to large law firms. The firm’s ethos is based on the principle of a real partnership that ensures clients always have a direct interface with at least one partner having specialized knowledge and practical experience in the branch of law under consideration. The firm considers its services not only to be advice on a single case or legal representation but as a foundation towards a long-term and comprehensive professional relationship.

Boutique Law Firm

The firm takes advantage of keeping abreast of changes in the law in areas in which we practice. We ensure that our legal services are combined with personalised services and responsiveness which is unique to a boutique firm such as DDCM.

Our firm believes in giving back to the community we are a part of. We provide pro bono legal services. Our partners are on the boards and serve as trustees to a number of distinguished trusts and NGO’s.

Long Term Relationship

It is our firm’s philosophy to provide our clients, with integrated legal services to ensure smooth achievement of all their business objectives, on a continuing basis. While advising clients we do not lose sight of probable countermeasures by the opposite party.

We consider our services not only to be advice on a single case or legal representation of a client but as a foundation for a long-term and comprehensive professional relationship.

Desai Desai Carrimjee & Mulla


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